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Celebrate Noble's Most Exotic Residents

Cougar at Black Pine Animal Sanctuary in Albion Indiana
Timber the Cougar at Black Pine Animal Sanctuary

Noble County is home to Black Pine Animal Sanctuary, the forever home to many captive-raised exotic and wild animals. Their mission is to provide refuge to these animals while educating, advocating, and building awareness about animal welfare.

To celebrate the animals at Black Pine for World Wildlife Day, let us highlight some of the animals you could see when you visit! (Hint: view some of our fun facts by expanding each category!)

What types of exotic animals can you see at Black Pine?

Small Mammals

Fun fact: attend a summer evening event, and you will be able to hear a Kinkajou from far away!







Perching Birds

Ratites (Large Flightless Birds)

Field Animals

What type of animal is your favorite?

  • Small Mammals

  • Bears

  • Big Cats

  • Domestic Cats

White Wolf at Black Pine Animal Sanctuary in Albion Indiana by Wandering James Photography
White Wolf by Wandering James Photography

How Can You Contribute?

The best way to contribute is to visit! This is the most enriching way to learn more about Black Pine Animal Sanctuary's mission, see its residents in person, and make a financial contribution to support the mission.

While you're there, you can visit The Wolf Den Gifts and Things shop!

Need to make overnight accommodations?

Visit Noble County can help! You can view our Accommodations Page or reach us at 260-636-3602.

The information above was sourced from Black Pine Animal Sanctuary's website and their Facebook page.


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