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Birding in Noble County

Blue herons, bald eagles, hawks, owls, osprey, and backyard birds are just a few of the many feathered friends that call Noble County home. Do you want to know where the best spots to see these birds? Keep reading!

Why Noble County?

Noble County is home to three of Indiana’s fourteen Bird Towns. Bird Town designated communities take efforts to protect natural communities of birds, participate in natural resource management, remove bird hazards, and educate the public. You can visit the Indiana Audubon site for more information on these designations and visit Albion, Kendallville, and Rome City to see Noble County's Bird Towns for yourself!

New to Birding?

Follow these recommend guidelines from the Indiana Audubon Society:

Download PDF • 8.14MB

Can you spot all of the native species and traveling visitors? Get the Audubon app to learn more and track what you see!

Where to go in Noble

Acres Land Trust

Noble County is home to six properties that are open daily from dawn to dusk. Many are home to countless song birds and other backyard visitors.

DNR Public Access Points

For a quiet lake view to bird watch, visit one of Noble County’s dozens of DNR public access points. Lake views give bird watchers an opportunity to see bald eagles, blue herons, egrets, red-tailed hawks, egrets, and more. You may even see a gull or two!

Photo of sand hill crane
Sand hill crane.

Merry Lea Environmental Learning Center

Owned and operated by Goshen College, Merry Lea is home to over 1,000 acres of property with a variety of habitats that house various birds. These grounds are open daily from dawn to dusk. Use the trail map to ensure you stay on their designated paths.

Chain O’ Lakes State Park

Home to a variety of habitats, Chain O’ Lakes State Park is ideal for birders of all backgrounds. While exploring their many trails and lakes, be sure to stay on the designated paths and look up to spy an owl.

Gene Stratton-Porter State Historic Site

Gene Stratton-Porter, Indiana’ most widely read female author, helped preserve the land around Sylvan Lake to house a variety of animals and species. Visit her cabin, walk the trails, and sit at the lake to get the best view of various native birds just as she did a century ago.

Photo of woods at GSP state site
Gene Stratton-Porter was a naturalist. Visit her wildflower woods in Rome City.

For more information about local birds and birding in Noble County, read Neil Case’s articles here. Mr. Case is a well-loved birder and author who has documented decades of his love for local birds and nature.

We want to hear about your birding experiences in Noble County. Tag us on social media by using the hashtag #VisitNoble to share your experience!


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