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Tombstone Trail


Our Tombstone Trail program highlights famous faces from Noble County who worked to establish and create its unique history. Self-guided cemetery tours are available for the 2024 season. Grab a guidebook and begin exploring!

The Tombstone Trail, a program of the Noble County Convention and Visitors Bureau since 2010, is a series of self-guided walking tours through historic cemeteries in Noble County, including Oak Park, Rose Hill, Lake View, and Wolf Lake.

As you walk among the gravesites, learn the personal stories of some of those who shaped Noble County and northeast Indiana.

Historic cemeteries were once the equivalent of public parks in America. These sites were designed to welcome visitors to explore their grounds surrounded by peace, quiet, and nature. Graveyards are home to beautiful examples of art and craftsmanship, seen in the many unusual and varied monument styles and materials used to create them. As you explore these sacred grounds, you will learn about fascinating people through stories that will make you laugh and cry and leave you with a newfound respect for their lives and contributions not only to Indiana, but to the world.

(The Tombstone Trail guidebook, published in 2016, is available for purchase on It highlights people with ties to local and Indiana history.)


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