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Walking & biking trails

Walk, run, or bike your way through Noble County! Home to a variety of trails with challenging terrain or smooth paved ways, Noble County features more than 40 miles of paths and trails - something for every level of skill and ability to enjoy.

Chain O' Lakes State Park

Named the Best Attraction in Northeast Indiana by local readers, Chain O' Lakes State Park offers miles of trails traversing 2,718 acres of preserved land through which lakes formed when massive ice sheets advanced over and then melted some 16,000 years ago. The lakes in this chain are kettle lakes formed when the glaciers were still huge blocks of ice. The trails here have attracted the The Huff 50k Trail Run And Relay, one of North America's best known ultramarathons.

Noble Trails

Explore the Fishing Line Trail connecting Rome City and Kendallville, the first of what Noble Trails envisions to be several that will connect Noble County and neighbors across Northeast Indiana.

Community Trails

More walking and biking trails can be found in Kendallville at Bixler Lake; Ligonier at Kenney Park; and in Albion at Hidden Diamonds Park.

Fairy, Gnome, and Troll Doors

Along the trails, as well as throughout several communiites, lie some of Noble County’s newest residents! Visit these fairies, gnomes, and trolls and read stories about their adventures to Noble County. Start your adventure at Adventure Noble County!

Enhance Your Day

A variety of locally-owned small businesses are waiting to meet you and help make sure your visit in Noble County is unique and memorable. Consider enhancing your day of walking and biking by browsing local shops and indulging in the local food scene by exploring some of the establishments in our small business community! You can can explore these locations at SHOPNoble.


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