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U-Pick Flowers

From field to vase and field to frame – flowers bring JOY! Sunflower Fields aching for family photo sessions & U-pick flowers await you in Noble County! Did someone say Sunflowers?!?

Noble County comes into full bloom in late summer! Celebrate the season by exploring local U-pick flower farms. Pick bouquets to bring the outdoors in, or enjoy the beautiful backdrop flowers in bloom bring to photograph your loved ones.

U-Pick Flowers 101: Tips for making cut flowers last

  • RISE AND SHINE. Cut flowers in the morning, if possible. The stems are most hydrated then, which means less wilting and longer-lasting blooms. A flower cut in the middle of the day won’t last as long.

  • STRIP THE STEMS. Remove leaves from the bottom half of the stem so there is no foliage in the water, which can cause rot and clog the stems.

  • STAY OUT, OF THE KITCHEN. Once you have cut flowers in your house, you should not display them near ripening fruit. The ethylene gas from apples and bananas will make flowers expire faster.

Featured Growers & Flower Farms:

Avia Gardens, a flower farm with a U-pick experience and special events in Avilla.

Who can take your photos?

We'll help you find the perfect photographer for your flower farm photo shoot! Below is a list of some of our favorite professional photographers who can level up your photos:

Did someone say “Farm Fresh?”

If you want a bundle of colorful blooms but don't have time to U-Pick, stop by one of our local summer markets or other local florists!


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