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Go geocaching in Noble

Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure-hunting game using GPS-enabled devices. Players navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates, then search to find the geocache (container) hidden in that general location.

Discover the tiny treasure caches hidden in and around the back yards of Noble County! Get started by visiting and/or download the app.

Through geocaching, you can find and trade key chains, trinkets, gifts, and more. Go on a scavenger hunt anytime or anywhere!

Find local geocache locations here.

You can discover many caches at Hidden Diamonds Park in Albion. We suggest your start your Noble County geocache adventure here!

You’ll find great shops and restaurants to enhance your time in Albion using the SHOPNoble directory, featuring exclusively locally-owned establishments.

When using the geocashe app, click on the location you want to visit then begin your search for a small container that is likely hidden from plain view. Be sure to bring a pen or pencil so you can sign the cache's logbook, if present.

As you search, remember that geocaches come in different sizes, shapes, and levels of difficulty to locate. Once you find the container, consider leaving and taking a token to mark that you’ve been there. Exchange knickknacks! The more creative, the better!

Search, find, repeat!

Place geocaches back where you found them and log your experience on the geocache app.

We also recommend you never cache alone. Geocaching can be even more fun with friends! Hunt together or split into two groups to see who can find the treasures first!

Use the hashtags #VisitNobleCounty and #NobleGeo in your social media posts!


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