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Fishing in Noble County

Appropriately called the county of a thousand lakes, Noble County is home to 117 lakes with a variety of fishing and boating experiences. With 30 public access sites, Noble County is a small boater’s dream! Enjoy a day on the lake and unwind in Noble County. Interested in ice fishing? Check out this guest blog for tips!

Found in Noble County's waterways are Bluegill, Perch, Large Mouth Bass, Bullhead, Red Ear, Pumkin Seed, Sunfish, War Mouth, Crappie, Tiger Muskie, and more. If you want to reel in certain catch, check out the Where to Fish in Indiana interactive guide.

No watercraft? No problem! Rental boats, kayaks, canoes, and paddle boats are available at Chain O’ Lakes State Park to use on their 13 lakes.

Enhance Your Day

A variety of locally-owned small businesses are waiting to meet you and help make sure your visit in Noble County is unique and memorable. Consider enhancing your day of fishing by browsing local shops and indulging in the local food scene by exploring some of the establishments in our small business community! We’ve mapped a few and you can find more at SHOPNoble.


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