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Intern Takeover: Lyzbeth's Firsts

Hi! I am Lyzbeth Safoah King, originally from Ghana. I am studying for my master’s degree in professional communication and a certificate in health communication at Purdue University Fort Wayne and am Visit Noble County's summer intern this year.

I am excited to do this blog takeover to tell you all about "my firsts" in beautiful Noble County. Noble County, Indiana, is very different from Ghana, and I have had fun exploring! To learn more about me and my "first experiences," contact me at

Firsts of many things

My mom told me my name means “unique.” It is interesting how Noble County and my work at the CVB are giving me my name’s worth. This period of my life is one that I can never forget, because I have been doing the first of many things in my lifetime and during my stay here in the USA so far in Noble County.

Seeing the job advertisement was the first time I had heard of Noble County and Albion. I entered Albion for the first time during my interview for the intern position and explored many places for the first time - for example, the historic Noble County Courthouse. This is my first internship in the USA; my first professional job in the USA, and m;y first time working in the tourism industry.

Indiana state flag

Below are three more firsts: Annie Oakley Natural Perfumery, Chain O'Lakes State Park, and Black Pine Animal Sanctuary. But there is still so much to explore! I hope you will create your list of "firsts," too. There is something for everyone in Noble! Click on the Button Below to search by audience!

Annie Oakley Natural Perfumery in Ligonier

Annie Oakley Natural Perfumery was the first place I wanted to see when I started working here, because I am obsessed with perfumes! (Did you know Annie Oakley is the only natural perfumery in the USA?) Although it was not the first tourist site I saw here, I will be biased and begin with it. To me, it was not just the scent, but the inspiration behind its creation that still lingers in my mind. I love reading and hearing about people’s biographies, and Renee’s (the founder and owner) is among one of the top-notch perseverance stories I have heard. It makes me feel confident that I can do great things if I put my mind to it. Everything about the perfumery is unique, and what I love most about the place is the mixture of technology and human effort. It portrays the love and care they put in each bottle’s content, and this makes me handle the perfume I made with the deepest love and care. (Oh yes! You get to make your own unique scent at the perfumery!)

Chain O Lakes State Park, south of Albion

I have visited some lakes before, but had yet to learn that a chain of nine interconnected lakes exists. Chain O' Lakes State Park is a refreshing sight to behold. The air inside the park's 2,718 acres is even different. This is the sort of place where you can peacefully be in a serene world, enjoy the little things you never thought could be beautiful, and - if you like reading - enjoy a good book where the story and its characters can feel real.

Once here, you'll see why I call it a home away from home. You can kayak as a break between strolling, bicycling, reading, biding, hiking, or watching the scenery. Rejuvenation is assured at this location.

Black Pine Animal Sanctuary in Albion

Lyzbeth and her niece at Black Pine.
Lyzbeth and her niece, Alysha.

Black Pine Animal Sanctuary is an 18-acre exotic animal sanctuary in Albion, Indiana, United States. The sanctuary provides permanent refuge for displaced, captive-raised exotic animals kept as "pets" or retired from performance.

Lovingly known as "Black Pine," the sanctuary is the forever home to all its animal residents. This location is not a zoo because no animals are bought, bred, or sold. Also, nobody pets them or uses them for research purposes. This is where they get to live free as the animals they are. Each animal has a unique story, and some are heartbreaking; hence, it gives me joy that they finally get to be free now.

Noble County is a place for everybody, regardless of age, race, or gender. Welcome to Noble County, Where Nature Rejuvenates You.



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