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4 W's of Noble: Waterways, Wildcats, Windmills, and Women of Innovation.

Where can you find a best-selling author, a perfumer, an animal sanctuary, windmills, and a chain of lakes? In Noble County, of course!

Noble County's formal welcome includes a poetic line written by Gene Stratton-Porter from the Cabin at Wildflower Woods in Rome City. The line reads, "Come to our swamp in its glory, its joys we invite you to share." This beautifully summarizes the experience that awaits you in Noble County. Below are the 4 W's of Noble for you to enjoy! We are pleased that you have chosen Noble County as your destination.

WATERWAYS: Chain O’Lakes State Park:

The Chain O’ Lakes State Park in Albion boasts breathtaking wilderness and waterways that are not to be missed. The park comprises thirteen kettle lakes, with nine of them connected via a central channel, hence the name. It's no wonder that this community has earned the reputation of being Indiana's lake country and a small boater's paradise. There's something for everyone in this park, which covers an area of 2,178 acres. Chain O’ Lakes has forested hiking trails, fishing areas, boat rentals, a beach, campgrounds, cabins, a one-room schoolhouse, and a nature center. The 9 Lakes Paddle Challenge is an exciting event for those in the small boating community.

WILDCATS: Black Pine Animal Sanctuary

Black Pine Animal Sanctuary in Albion is a place where you can meet exotic animals up close, but you won't touch them. The sanctuary provides a new home for displaced captive-raised exotic animals, including bears, monkeys, reptiles, wolves, foxes, parrots, and not just big cats. Visitors are required to schedule tours of the sanctuary. Educational programs are conducted throughout the year to teach people about exotic species in danger and encourage responsible pet ownership.

WINDMILLS: Mid-America Windmill Museum

The Mid-America Windmill Museum in Kendallville is a great place to visit. The museum has restored about 55 windmills, which are on exhibit in the museum barn or outside on the grounds. One of the highlights of the museum is a replica of the Robertson Post windmill. It is a single-stone grist mill with a 52-foot diameter wind wheel. The original Robertson was shipped from England and erected on the James River near Jamestown, Virginia, in the 1620s.

WOMEN of Innovation: Gene Stratton-Porter

The Gene Stratton-Porter State Historic Site is located near Rome City on the beautiful Sylvan Lakeshore. The site is known as the Cabin at Wildflower Woods, which was the residence of Gene Stratton-Porter, Indiana's best-selling female author. Please do not confuse this site with Limberlost in Geneva, where Porter first lived. The cabin is situated on 148 acres of woods, trails, and beautiful gardens.

Gene Stratton-Porter is famous for her 12 novels and was a woman ahead of her time. She was self-taught in everything she did and was a naturalist inspired by her picturesque surroundings. Porter was also a renowned nature photographer, who had her dark room. She even started her own production company, and eight of her books were made into movies. Even one hundred years after her death, she serves as an excellent role model. J.K. Rowling, the author of the famous Harry Potter series, was inspired by Porter.

WOMEN of Innovation: Renee Gabet

Annie Oakley Perfumery, founded by Renee Gabet and her family in her Ligonier kitchen in 1980, is a world-renowned perfumery. The company was named after Annie Oakley, one of the nation's first female celebrities, and offers a range of fragrances, lotions, essential oils, and men's cologne.

The perfumery is unique in the United States and is home to a studio and factory where visitors can explore the aroma therapy and see the fragrance-making process. During the tour, the perfumers can also create a personalized fragrance for you, if time permits.


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