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Visit Indiana's 5 Noble "Must Sees"

Want a unique, one-of-a-kind experience tucked away in a quiet corner of Indiana? If so, then these must see destinations are for you!

Visit Indiana’s 20 in 20 campaign featured 20 themed lists with 20 must-see destinations across the state. Below are the 5 destinations Visit Indiana wants to make sure you know about in Noble County!

1. Gene Stratton-Porter State Historic Site

Gene Stratton-Porter State Historical Site (GSP) was featured on Visit Indiana’s list of top destinations to relive history. Tour Gene’s cabin and visit her final resting place on her beautifully kept grounds in Rome City, IN. Enjoy the lake view, nature trails, and stop by the bookstore to pick up some of Indiana’s most widely read female author’s books!

Photo of interior of GSP cabin.
Gene Stratton-Porter Conservatory

2. Chain O’ Lakes State Park

Cool down in the summer heat or enjoy a fall tour of the 13 interconnected lakes at Chain O’ Lakes State Park featured on Visit Indiana’s list of top water activities. Take the 9 Lake Challenge and and kayak and canoe these interconnected lakes.

Photo of boats on the beach
Chain O'Lakes State Park boat rentals

3. Sundaes on Sylvan

Featured on Visit Indiana’s top ice cream shops, Sundaes on Sylvan offers a variety of unique treats. Try your hand at the Mega Kahuna or grab a flight of ice cream to try all your favorite flavors!

4. Annie Oakley Natural Perfumery

Tour this essential-oil based perfumery in Ligonier! As seen on Visit Indiana’s uniquely Indiana list, Annie Oakley specializes in both women and men’s scents. Try your hand at their mixing bar and create your own room spray or perfume.

Photo of audience learning about Annie Oakley perfumery
Annie Oakley Natural Perfumery experience

5. Mid-America Windmill Museum

Learn the history of American wind power at the Mid-American Windmill Museum featured on Visit Indiana’s top museums list. Enjoy the beautiful outdoor display of windmills and learn about the continued use of wind power.

Photo of windmills
Mid-America Windmill Museum


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