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Celebrate National Plan for Vacation Day: Insider tips from Visit Noble County

Family going on a trip
Noble County has family friendly attractions!

Is planning for your next trip daunting?

There is so much to consider when deciding where to go and what to bring! Let us help! Enjoy Noble County this year with some of our vacation planning tips.

Noble's Guide to Answer: Where do I want to go?

The first way to start planning your trip is to answer the question: what do I want to do? The key to planning a trip is defining what kinds of experiences you would like to have. Are you looking for an exciting outdoor adventure in a state park, like Chain O Lakes State Park? A relaxing weekend on the lake? (we have 117 of them!) Or an enriching, educational tour of museums and attractions? Finding what you want to experience will help start the planning of your trip.

Feel free to use our Plan a Trip tool to help craft your dream vacation!

Family walking on a nature trail
Our tips might help make your visit to Gene Stratton-Porter State Historic Site even better!

Noble's Vacation Packing Tips:

Deciding what to pack all depends on the type and length of your stay, your itinerary, the local weather, the size of your luggage, and any weight limits that may be imposed by your mode of transportation. Below, we offers some tips and tricks we hope will help ease your planning mind and make your visit to Noble County a great one!

  • Lay everything out before you pack, then pack each outfit one by one to ensure nothing is forgotten.

  • Download or bring along a Noble County Highway map! Mobile service can be spotty in rural areas. Come prepared for a momentary drop.

  • Bookmark the digital Noble County Visitor Guide (or if room permits, print a copy to bring along.) You'll find nearby recommendations as you explore.

  • Have a dedicated, pre-packed travel bag for your toiletries and hygiene products. Keep your apparel and other textiles free of leaks.

  • Prepare a health/medicine kit including sunblock and bug spray, essential for nature walks and outdoor activities at the Gene Stratton Porter State Historic Site, Noble Trails and many other outdoor destinations in Noble County.

  • Maximize the use of soft-sided bags for road trips. Soft sides help making packing in your car, van, SUV, or camper a bit easier.

  • Be prepared for wet swimwear! Bring a plastic bag or tote to store wet clothes, towels, or swimwear.

  • Roll, don't fold clothing, bedding, or towels. Rolling saves space while preserving your items wrinkle-free! Whether preparing to camp at Chain O Lakes State Park or for a stay at a romantic bed and breakfast like the Kimmell House Inn, this space-saving tip will help you make the most of the space you have.

  • Maximize your space even more by renting kayaks, canoes, and paddle boats at Chain O Lakes State Park or Bixler Lake Public Access Boat Launch for the day. Leave yours at home!

  • Get online and buy a Be Noble Community e-Card. With this in your wallet (or stored on your mobile device), you'll stay on budget and can carry less cash. Plus, using the Be Noble card ensures your dollars directly boost the local economy and support the small businesses of the new friends you'll make in Noble County!

Our final tip:

During your stay in Noble County, don't forget to sign up for our Pints, Paddles & Parks Pass to get the most out of your stay! It includes coupons for local restaurants and you can win prizes for exploring Noble!


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