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Celebrate windmills and Mom at the Mid-America Windmill Museum May 13-14

The Mid-America Windmill Museum in Kendallville is home to more than 55 restored windmills, so it's the perfect place to celebrate National Windmill Day on Saturday, May 13. Just one day later, come back with Mom and celebrate at the annual Mother's Day Kite Day celebration!

#NationalWindmillDay was established to celebrate and appreciate a fantastic engineering wonder. The American water-pumping windmill was a vital part of this country's agricultural history; it provided a necessary element of life for the pioneers going west and farmers - water! Visit the museum to learn more about these magnificent wood and steel machines and listen to the sounds of them turning in the wind.

There is something nostalgic about windmills. The creak of their blades as they spin, some say, sounds like they are "talking to us." Capturing the power of the wind to perform work is familiar and dates back further into history than most might imagine.

Mother's Day Kite Day

Visit the museum for the Annual Mother's Day Kite Day on Sunday, May 14! This free event runs from 11 AM to 3 PM. Free kite kits and Pizza Hut coupons will be available for children, while supplies last!

The museum's annual Mother's Day Kite Day invites visitors of all ages to kick off the summer season! Weather permitting, the sky will fill with various shapes and sizes of kites flying in the breezy afternoon sky. The museum grounds welcome kite-flying enthusiasts, young to old, to create new memories. Year after year, many groups bring picnic lunches to enjoy while observing the fantastic, colorful, unique kites as they dip and soar in the sky. Join the fun!


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