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#CaptureNoble: Share how you see Noble County in pictures

Visit Noble County, Be Noble Inc. and Thrive Noble County are calling on all photographers - amateur to professional - to help shape the perceptions of what it means to "Be Noble" in Noble County, Indiana.

These sponsor organizations are seeking submissions of digital photos, taken in Noble County, that evoke:





Inspired by vintage, framed office "art" from the 1990's, Visit Noble County, Be Noble, and Thrive Noble County are offering the opportunity to use these traditional words of inspiration, combined with real-life images from people, places, and/or things in Noble County, to help shape perceptions of Noble County.

Photos selected from submissions may be exhibited not only in the offices of local economic development organizations, but also used in a variety of publications, promotions, or general displays, in print, digital, or broadcast format.

All photos selected for use will be credited to the photographer when reasonably possible and the photographer will retain ownership and all rights over the image.

There is no limit on the number of submissions accepted. Images captured by mobile devices set to a 16:9 ratio and high resolution are most desirable and stand the greatest chance of high-profile visibility in promotions. Smaller images will be accepted, however their use may be more limited.

The deadline for photo submissions is March 17, 2023.


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